Wherever Amoy piano goes, the stage follows. Wherever you are, the spotlights shine.


Amoy is a historical name referring to Xiamen city steeped in rich history. On Gulangyu Island in the city, there is a renowned piano museum where numerous precious acoustic pianos with a long history are housed. These musical treasures have earned Gulangyu Island the nickname "Piano Island." Situated in this historically rich city of Xiamen, we are surrounded by the melodious tunes of “Piano Island”. Looking back on the long history of the piano, we cherish the classics and meanwhile we a...


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Company: Amoy Digital Piano Co., Ltd.

Contact: Eric Zhong

Tel: 0592-5721698

Phone: +86-18859291698

E-mail: sales@amoypiano.com

Address: Room 2002A, No.2 ChengYiBeiDaJie, Xiamen Software Park Phase III, Jimei, Xiamen, P.R.China

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